Best Time To Perform Umrah For UK Residents

For the first time, people are searching for what is the best way to perform Umrah in 2019. After the ending of Hajj season 2019, Saudi Arabia has changed some policies of Umrah performing. The Saudi Government wants to end all hurdles, which often people were faced.

Alhamdulillah, I have one of those lucky persons who have performed Umrah in this month. Nobody can explain the feelings in the words which have got this chance. Umrah is a very blessing journey due to rituals. I was also confused about how I can perform my Umrah after the new policies. But Allah helped me in this matter and finally, I have completed my Umrah.

First of all, I want to tell the people how I chose a package for this holy voyage. One day I was searching for the Umrah Packages on Google because it is a big search engine. I just typed Umrah Packages on the search bar and found 10 top results as it is nature of this search engine. After checking of the first ten results, I found many packages in this regard there.

So the package is a very excellent way to complete any journey because in this you can find cheap flights, transports, and accommodations. If anyone wants to get an Umrah guide, then the agency can provide him/her an Umrah guide. Hajj and Umrah Ministry of Saudi Arabia updated the Umrah visa system by implementing the new visa policies.

There are three main updates for Umrah pilgrims:

Removal of the 2000SAR additional charge

Issuing the Umrah e Visa

Visiting the other cities

Removal of the 2000SAR additional charge

removal extra fee 2000SAR

In the past, if any Muslim wanted to perform second Umrah after the first in 2 years, then it was necessary for him/her, to pay some extra fee 2000 SAR. According to the new policy, it is not compulsory for us. This time the Saudi Government has fixed the Visa fee 300 SAR for each person, and people can do multi Umrah in one year as they want.

Issuing the Umrah e Visa

Umrah Electronic Visa

Hajj and Umrah ministry has started an e visa program in 49 countries. E visa means electronic visa. This new getting visa system has changed the old system, which was based on the paperwork. It was a rule that candidate cannot submit directly his/her Umrah application to Saudi Embassy or consulate. My dad had tried to present his request instantly two years ago, but the embassy had rejected it.

Now, residents of eligible countries can quickly get online visas without going any travel agent. It is on record that people can get Umrah e visa within 24 hours. I read on a forum website that issuing the E- visa within 24 hours is not right. It can sometimes happen because Umrah pilgrims do not consist of a thousand numbers rather they include of millions.

Umrah visa validity only consists of 15 days which starts from the issuing date.

Visiting the other cities

Now pilgrims visit the other cities by tourist visa

Jeddah city is closest to Makkah than others. According to Google map, Distance between Jeddah and Makkah is 89 km via 40/route road. Distance between Madinah and Makkah is 451.2 km by road. Most people select the Jeddah city to reach the Saudia.

In the past, people cannot visit the other cities except for the Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah because it was ruled for Umrah pilgrims. This rule has broken in the present. Now people can visit the other cities with the visiting of two holy cities during their Umrah trip by getting the Tourist Visa.

I recommend to people who want to perform it that taking any package for this trip.

May Allah succeed those who have the wish to perform Umrah. (Ameen

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