Umrah Fund FAQ’s

Umrah Fund FAQ's

1. I’ve taken time off work for February, should I cancel this and when should I rebook for?
If you have taken time off for the original dates of travel between Feb1st-12th then yes, you should contact your employer and cancel this request as we will no longer travel between those dates. The Pilgrim team will constantly update you and ensure that the new travel date is communicated at least 8 weeks in advance. 

2. I don’t want to take the booster, is it possible that I can still travel?
Unless you are medically exempt from taking the vaccine and can prove this with a medical note from your doctor, it is not possible to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without the necessary vaccination against Covid. Therefore, in order to travel, you must be fully vaccinated including receiving a dose of the booster. 

3. My passport is expiring this year, what should I do?
When applying for a Visa from the Saudi ministry, you are required to have at least 6months validity on your passport from the date of return back to the UK. For example if you were travelling and returning from Saudi in May 2022, your passport should be valid till at least November 2022.

If your passport is due to expire anytime before November 2022, we strongly advise you to consider renewing your passport now to avoid any last minute complications with receiving your visa. 

4. What happens to the workshop dates. Will they remain the same?
The workshops were scheduled with the travel date in mind so that everyone can prepare in good time. As the date of travel now changes we will consider changing the dates of the workshops too to ensure that preparations are carried out in the weeks before our travel and not too far ahead. Keep an eye on your emails as we will share more info on this with updated schedules.