Benefits of Surah Waqiah

These days, most people are living a life full of worries and stress. Most of this stress stems from economic factors where people are worried about being able to provide for their families. The Quran is filled with verses and surahs that bring blessings and barakah into our lives by simply reciting them in our everyday lives. Surah Waqiah, in particular, is said to be a blessing for all Muslims because of its vast benefits in your financial life.

Commonly termed as the “Surah of Wealth, Surah Waqiah brings abundance and prosperity, while protecting you from poverty. Taking a few minutes out of your day to recite this ensures that you reap the unlimited rewards it brings.

What Is Surah Waqiah About?

surah al waqiah in the quranSurahs are divided into Makkan and Madni surahs depending on which stage of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s life they were revealed. Surah al Waqiah is a Makkan surah as agreed by majority of scholars, since it talks about the events that will occur on the Day of Judgement.

“Waqiah” itself means judgment day or the day of judgement. Hence, this surah describes the Last Day in a powerful manner, depicting how mankind will be divided into three groups. These three groups will have distinct conditions, punishment, and rewards based on the deeds they performed in this life.

Surah Waqiah talks about the Companions of the Right, Companions of The Left, and The Forerunners. Each will be rewarded or punished after facing Judgement. The people on the right will be blessed, the people on the left will be miserable, and the forerunners will be foremost in Paradise as the believers closest to Allah.

The Surah describes the rewards that the righteous will have in Paradise, such as jewelled thrones, a non-intoxicating pure wine, fruit and other blessings. Whereas the people of the left will be suffering as a result of their actions in this world.

Sūrah Wāqiʾah also reminds believers of the glory of Allah and how He has given us countless blessings and signs that we can find in nature. It reminds the Muslim Ummah that they are bound to return to Him after death.

Best Times to Recite Surah Waqiah

The Surah does not take more than 5 minutes to recite, so it is very easy for the average person to fit it into their routine. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advised the Ummah to recite it every night. According to your preference, you can recite it between the prayers of Maghrib and Isha, or after Isha, before you go to bed.

Should I Recite Surah Waqiah Every Night?

Remembrance of Allah on a daily basis brings unlimited blessings, which is why you should recite the Holy Quran every day. In particular, Surah Waqiah is more effective in its benefits when it is recited regularly. We have mentioned some of these benefits below:

It Reminds You That Allah is in Control muslim man reading the holy quran

As the Surah talks about the Last Day, you are reminded that there is a Higher Power who is in control of your life. Leaving your worries and stresses to Allah relieves you of the burden of an uncertain life.

You Put Complete Faith in Allah

When you trust Allah with all your financial matters, you feel at peace knowing that your future is safe. Having complete faith that Allah will provide sustenance for you and your family eases you of worries that can harm your physical and mental health.

It Brings Financial Stability

Many hadith have stated Surah Waqiah benefits in protecting you from poverty and giving you financial security. Reciting it every day brings blessings and barakah into your life. It brings success, prosperity, and wealth for you and your family.

It Brings Providence

Regularly reciting this Surah is preparing your future. Having trust in divine providence gives you comfort and eliminates any fear of the future.


Hadiths Relating to Surah Waqiah

Allah’s Messenger (saws) said, “If anyone recites a letter from Allah’s Book he will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets a tenfold reward. I do not say that Alif-Lam-Mim are one letter, but alif is a letter, lam is a letter and mim is a letter.” Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 2137 Narrated by Abdullah ibn Mas’ud

This above-mentioned hadith states that reciting any part of the Quran has its own benefit. Below are a few hadith pertaining specifically to Surah al-Waqiah.

Sūrah Wāqiʾah (chapter 56 of the Qur’ān) is the sūrah of wealth, so recite it and teach it to your children.” (Ibn ‘Asākir)

“Whoever recites Surah al-Waqi’ah every night, he will never be afflicted by poverty. And Ibn Masood (rz) used to order his daughters to read it every night.”  (Shu’ab al-Iman 4/120, number 2269)


What Can Surah al Waqiah Protect Me From?

Surah Waqiah protects you from poverty and financial hardship. In uncertain economic times where even having a job does not guarantee financial security, turning to faith has great power.

Regularly reciting this surah protects you and your family from any issues related to money. It secures your finances and promises more sustenance in your future.

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