Core Session

  1. Organisation Insight
  2. Fundraising 101
  3. Self help and wellbeing
  4. How to tell your story
  5. Improving Influence
  6. Become financially Independent
  7. Public Speaking and communication
  8. Evaluation and Celebration

Build your Legacy with Prophet Ibraham (AS) Life -Following Ibraham (AS) life and learn how to build Interpersonal relationship, looking at characteristristic in muslim person and having morals and manners. Also understanding what is hajj. (Dr Wajid – 3/4/21 – 60min)

Transforming Your Prayer – To help you achieve consistency, focus and tranquility in your five daily prayers. Establish a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your Lord. Improve the consistency and quality of your Salat once and for all. Take part in an inspiring and life-changing experience


Leadership Retreat

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