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Islam stands upon the five fundamental pillars (Tauheed, Namaz, Zakat, Fast, and Hajj). In order to be a good Muslim, you must have complete knowledge of these pillars and of the sacred scripture, the Holy Quran. When we look back on Islamic history, we see a time comprising 124,000 prophets, each sent to guide the people of their time to the light, and four Holy Books through which Allah SWT sent revelations to the four blessed prophets.

From the day Adam (AS) was sent to Earth till the day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave the last sermon, every event has played a critical role in establishing the foundation of Islam across the world, especially in the Arabian Peninsula.

Even though all events might seem different, little do Muslims know about some common places and sites where the most important events occurred during different periods. One of these sites is Jabal Abu Qubais.

The great mount Abu Qubais surrounds the Holy Kaaba in Masjid Al Haram, the worship destination for Hajj and Umrah. While most of you might already know about the story of the hills of Safa and Marwa, very few people know that Jabal Abu Qubais holds significant value in Islam. Keep reading to learn more about the mountain of Abu Qubais.

What Is Jabal Abu Qubais?

mountain jabal abu qubais in saudi arabiaJabal Abu Qubais is the first mountain that Allah SWT created. The western wall of mount Abu Qubais faces the Holy Kaaba and is named “Fadih.” Jabal Abu Qubais is also known as “al-Amin,” meaning ‘trustworthy’ and a ‘safe keeper.’

Mount Abu Qubais is 420 metres tall and is located in the city of Makkah. According to several narrations, Jabal Abu Qubais is also called “Magharat al-Kanz,” meaning the “Treasure Cave.” It is believed to be the mountain on which Adam (AS) stayed and was buried after his death and the peak that witnessed the miracle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as he divided the moon into two halves and re-joined them once again on the demand of the disbelievers of Makkah.

Furthermore, it is also believed that this mountain is called Abu Qubais because, in the pre-Islamic era, a man named Qubais lived here and was the first person to build a home on the great mountain. Hence, people started referring to the mountain by this man’s name.

What Is the Importance of Jabal Abu Qubais in Islam?

Jabal Abu Qubais is one of the revered sites that have witnessed some of the greatest and most miraculous events in the history of Islam. According to references in Islamic history, Jabal Abu Qubais is the first-ever mountain to be created by Allah SWT.

It is the place where Allah SWT commanded Adam (AS) to build the Holy Kaaba, and it is believed that the father of all Prophets took the rocks from mount Abu Qubais to construct the house of Allah SWT. Moreover, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) stood on top of Jabal Abu Qubais to preach, and it was from here that he unearthed Hajar al Aswad.

After receiving the call to prophethood, it was mount Abu Qubais where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stood to preach Islam publicly, and this is also where he displayed the miracle of splitting the moon in half while calling humankind to submit to Allah SWT.

Moreover, after the conquest of Makkah, Bilal (RA) recited adhan from atop Jabal Abu Qubais. It is also believed that the mountain had a small mosque on it named Bilal Mosque (Masjid e Bilal). It is not there anymore. Today, the palace of the Saudi king is built on mount Abu Qubais.

Where Is Jabal Abu Qubais Located?

Otherwise known as Magharat al-Kanz, Jabal Abu Qubais is located adjacent to the eastern frontier of the Holy Kaaba, Masjid Al-Haram, near Mount Safa in Makkah, in the Hejazi region of Saudi Arabia. Jabal Abu Qubais is at a distance of 441.5 kilometres from Madinah.

Facts about the Mountain of Abu Qubais

Islamic literature is rich with stories of different places, stones, mountains, and miracles. It is essential to study each and every one of these to gain a deeper understanding of the religion. As eras change and time passes, the topography of the Earth has witnessed every miracle to ever have taken place. Here are three unknown facts about Jabal Abu Qubais:

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) Preached Islam Atop This Mountain

Being one of the highest peaks of that time, it was the top of Jabal Abu Qubais from where Prophet Ibrahim (AS) preached the message of Allah SWT to his people.

Hajar al Aswad Was Kept on This Mountain

Another interesting fact about mount Abu Qubais is that when the deadly flood during Nuh’s (AS) time destroyed the entire city of Makkah, including flooding the Holy Kaaba, Jabal Abu Qubais became the resting place for Hajar al Aswad (the Black Stone).

The story continues to the time when Allah SWT directed Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to reconstruct the Holy Kaaba. It was then that Allah SWT guided him towards Jabal Abu Qubais to find the hidden rock, Hajar al Aswad. This is when Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was informed that Hajar al Aswad is no ordinary stone and that it has descended from Jannah and should be placed in the Holy Kaaba.

There is another narration according to which Angel Jibreel (AS) had lifted the stone from mount Abu Qubais after the catastrophic event and later gave it to Prophet Ibrahim (AS) during the construction of the Holy Kaaba.

If both narrations are authentic, then the story that adds up is that during the flood, Angel Jibreel (AS) lifted Hajar al Aswad and securely placed it within the mountain of Abu Qubais. Years later, when Allah SWT commanded Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to rebuild the Holy Kaaba over its original foundation, Angel Jibreel (AS) descended from the seven skies and showed Ibrahim (AS) the spot where Hajar al Aswad was hidden on Mount Abu Qubais.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Miraculously Spilt the Moon into Two Pieces

Most of us know about the famous incident when the disbelievers asked Allah SWT’s Messenger (PBUH) to perform the miracle of splitting the moon into two halves. But did you know that it was mount Abu Qubais on which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stood and asked Allah SWT to grant the miracle.

Which Is the First Mountain Created by Allah SWT?

We all know that Adam (AS) and Hawa (AS) were the first people on Earth. But do you know that according to historians, Jabal Abu Qubais was the first-ever mountain created by Allah SWT? The mountain of Abu Qubais is also where Adam (AS) breathed his last and was even buried here.

Summary – Jabal Abu Qubais

Being the first mountain created by Allah SWT, Jabal Abu Qubais is known as one of the most revered mountains in Islamic history. Mount Abu Qubais has been the safe keeper of Hajar al Aswad during the flood of Prophet Nuh’s (AS) era and is the peak from where Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and later Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) preached Islam.

With a height of 420 metres, Jabal Abu Qubais gives you a view of the entire city of Makkah. Even though only remnants of Jabal Abu Qubais remain due to the ongoing expansion of Masjid Al Haram, if you get a chance, do visit the sacred mountain till it stands.

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