Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram – The Sacred Monument – Everything you need to know

Otherwise known as the “Sacred Monument,” Al-Mashar Al-Haram is situated in Muzdalifah in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is where pilgrims stay for a night after returning from Arafat. Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram is constructed on the spot where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prayed during the Farewell Pilgrimage.

The sacred mosque is located between Masjid Al Namirah in Arafat and Masjid al-Khayf in Mina. Here is everything you need to know about Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram.

Importance of Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram

masjid al mashar al haram in saudi arabiaSituated between Masjid Al Namirah in Arafat and Masjid al-Khayf in Mina, pilgrims are to pray the congregational prayers of Maghrib and Isha in Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram as the sacred mosque marks the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prayed during Hajjat ul-Wida (Farewell Pilgrimage).

Allah SWT says in the Holy Quran, “Then when you pour down from (Mount) Arafat, celebrate the praises of Allah SWT at the Sacred Monument (Al-Mashar Al-Haram), and celebrate His praises as He has directed you, even though, before this, you went astray.” [Holy Quran, 2:198]

In another place, it is also narrated that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Although I am staying here, you may stay anywhere throughout Muzdalifah.” (Muslim)

One of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Salim, reported that, “Abdullah bin `Umar (RA) used to send the weak among his family early to Mina. So they used to depart from Al-Mashar Al-Haram (that is, Al-Muzdalifa) at night (when the moon had set) and invoke Allah SWT as much as they could, and then they would return (to Mina) before the Imam had started from Al-Muzdalifa to Mina. So some of them would reach Mina at the time of the Fajr prayer, and some of them would come later. When they reached Mina, they would throw pebbles on the Jamra (Jamrat-Al- `Aqaba) Ibn `Umar used to say, ‘Allah SWT’s Messenger (PBUH) gave the permission to them (weak people) to do so.'” (Sahih al-Bukhari 1676)

Where Is Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram Located?

Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram is situated between Masjid Al Namirah in Arafat and Masjid al-Khayf in Mina, in the city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia.


Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram covers a land of 90 metres in length (from east to west) and 56 metres in width. It is believed that Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram can easily accommodate more than 12,000 worshippers at one time.

Where Is the Land of Mashar?

The land of Mashar is situated between Mount Arafat and Mina, near Makkah in the Hejazi region of Saudi Arabia.

Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) Farewell Pilgrimage

Jabir (RA) narrated that during the Farewell Hajj, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stayed in Muzdalifah overnight. The following day, the Messenger (PBUH) of Allah SWT woke up to perform the Fajr Prayer. He (PBUH) mounted on his she-camel and rode towards Mashar Al-Haram, where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) faced the Qibla, prayed Salah, and made dua, proclaiming the Oneness and Greatness of Allah SWT.

Why Is Muzdalifah Important in Islam?

Muzdalifah is located in the southeastern region of Mina. It is an open area where pilgrims arrive after the sunset of the 9th Dhul-Hijjah from Arafat and spend the night here. Muzdalifah is four kilometres long and covers an area of 12.25 square kilometres. To be exact, Muzdalifah stretches from the land of Mashar to the mountains of Mazamayn.

During Hajjat ul-Wida, it was Muzdalifah where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed the Maghrib and Isha prayers and stayed for the night. The Messenger (PBUH) said, “Although I am staying here, you may stay anywhere throughout Muzdalifah.” (Muslim)

In addition to spending the night at Muzdalifah praying, pilgrims are also instructed to collect pebbles for pelting the Jamarat from here. It is believed that a stay at Muzdalifah can change a Muslim’s life and heart for good.

Other Mosques

If you are going for pilgrimage (Hajj or Umrah), Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram isn’t the only mosque you should visit. Here is a list of some of the most sacred mosques in the history of Islam that you will come across during Hajj:

Masjid Al Namirah

Located in Waadi Urana in the city of Makkah, Masjid Al Namirah is constructed on the spot where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) camped before delivering the Last Sermon to over 100,000 companions while standing on the plains of Arafat during the Farewell Hajj.

Masjid Fatah in Makkah

Masjid Fatah is one of the seven historical mosques in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is located in the south of Mount Sala and is where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stayed and prayed during the Battle of Trench (Ghazwa-e-Ahzab). Moreover, Masjid Fatah is also believed to be built in the same place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and 10,000 companions camped en route to the conquest of Makkah.

Masjid Al Khayf

Masjid Al Khayf is at the base of a mountain in south Mina, near the smallest Jamarat in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Also referred to as the “Mosque of the Prophets,” it is believed that it was Masjid al-Khayf where many prophets who preceded Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed Salah (prayer).

Ibn Abbas (RA) reported that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Seventy Prophets prayed in Masjid al-Khayf.” (Majma’uz-Zawahid)

Abdur-Rahman bin Muadh (RA) narrated, “When the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered a sermon in Mina, he instructed the Muhajireen to set up camp in front of the Masjid al-Khayf and the Ansar to set up camp behind it. The rest of the Muslims were to camp behind them.” (Abu Dawood)

Summary – Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram

Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram is situated in the valley between Mina and Muzdalifah in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is where those going for pilgrimage (Hajj or Umrah) are advised by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to make dua after they have spent the night under the open sky of Arafat.

This is primarily because Masjid Al-Mashar Al-Haram marks the place where the Messenger (PBUH) of Allah SWT supplicated during Hajjat ul-Wida (Farewell Pilgrimage).

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