Haroon Iqbal Birmingham


About Haroon

Haroon lost his two young sons within the space of 16 months and knew his life would never be the same again. His eldest daughter had also been very ill in hospital and doctors said she wouldn’t make it, but Alhamdulillah she recovered.

With your help, Haroon was able to participate in the Umrah Fund Programme which gave him a new perspective on life. 

Haroon’s son Awais was just 22 months old when he passed away due to a disease. Unfortunately, Awais’ younger brother also suffered from the same disease and 16 months later, he too died. 

The situation was made worse due to the fact that Haroon’s eldest daughter had also gone through a very difficult period where she was very ill and in intensive care for several months. Doctors had told Haroon to prepare for the worst, but she finally pulled through and fully recovered from her illness. 

Haroon is well known in his local community and is regarded as a positive role model for Muslim youth. He has been known to have helped hundreds of youth off the streets, as well as positively interacting with gangsters and drug dealers to help them turn their lives around. 

Despite his personal tragedies, he has continued to help troubled Muslim youth through positive messages inspired by Islamic values.


How your support helped Haroon 

Before enrolling on the Umrah Fund Programme, Haroon struggled somewhat with his connection with Allah (swt) and praying his daily salah. 

However, the whole Pilgrim experience was a very positive step in helping Haroon strengthen his worship and build a better relationship with Allah (swt). The trip helped him to better come to terms with his hardships and he now has a greater sense of meaning and purpose in his life since his return. 

“After a long time I have tasted the sweetness of ibadah spending so much time in the Haram, self-reflecting and being alone has helped to build me.” 

Haroon in Umrah