Peter Abdur Rahman London


About Peter

My name is Abdul Rahman Peter, I’m 40 years old man and went a very long journey which brings me closer to understanding, how things are. There is still much to learn therefore Allah gave me the chance to explore more. I can divide my life for 5 periods where lessons slowly shape themselves, and purification takes place. First 20 years I suffered from several illnesses and traumatic experiences in my childhood, due to this I became mentally ill, suffered from anger problems and rebelled against God. I lived with 15 years of depression and anxiety, and then 10 years of heavy labour work for little or no money, I then got married and after 10 years of marriage when I accepted Islam my wife left me and took my two kids.

At the age of 33, I wasted all possible ways for understanding what life is trying to tell me and load I carried become too heavy to lift. I started exploring spirituality. I have been and lived, pray with each environment for about 1.5 years each. It was Buddhism, Christianity, Hare Krishna, and now Islam. I have slept on streets, park benches and on sofas of different peoples front room. I am now going to Umrah, I made dua for this every week for years.

Peter in Umrah