AbdelKrim Hanchaoui

AbdelKrim was surprised alongside his daughter, Lamyaa. Together, they journeyed to the holy city of Makkah.

Abdul-Basit Zadran

Mistakenly incarcerated for five years. You gifted Abdul-Basit Umrah a week after he got his new passport.

AbuBaker Mohamed

Abubaker lost two family members in the Grenfell Fire. You gifted him Umrah to help him come to terms with his loss.

Aisha Ali

When Aisha lost her 5 month old baby, she was completely devastated. She had already suffered for years due to problems in her first marriage and thought she had finally found happiness when she remarried and had a son. But her happiness was short lived. 

Aminul Hoque

Aminul joined the Umrah Fund journey as a volunteer in 2017.

Amjad Hussain

Amjad is the director of Sakeenah Tours, who was the selected agent for our journey in 2017.

Ashraf Hussain

Ashraf surprised his family by purchasing tickets to Umrah. He joined the Umrah Fund to benefit from it's programme.