The Ultimate Umrah Guide

Umrah is a great spiritual journey and everyone can join this journey at any time of the year. The ending point of this spiritual journey is at the place of Makkah Where Allah’s house is located and it is called Kaaba.

It is not mandatory for Muslims as like the Hajj. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and it can be performed at the specific time, which starts from the 8th date and ends on the 12th date of last Islamic month (Duhul Hijjah).

Umrah can be performed, when he/she wants because there is no time limit to perform it except for the 5 days of Hajj. The goal of Umrah is — to gain rewards from Allah. Millions of Muslims from the world perform Umrah throughout the year.

There are some tips if you want to travel for Umrah then you should follow some steps which are very essential for all travellers.

The first step for you:

You should contact the best travel agency which will help you to prepare Your Umrah trip. This agency arranges your flight and visa. There is a rule against the Saudi Visa which can only be granted if travel agency applies it.

Usually fair of aeroplanes or price of tickets are the same as you can check it on the internet. Agency makes different packages on your demands as Cheap Umrah Packages & Umrah Packages. You can understand the importance of Travel agency such as it is totally responsible for your “Umrah Trip”.

If you are a woman then there are some different rules to get the visa. If your age is under 45 then Saudi Embassy will not issue the Visa without your Mahram and if your age is above the 45 and equal then Saudi Embassy will issue the Visa only on one condition if you admit the permission letter from your Mahram, in which it will be mentioned that he has no objection.

You should have knowledge about the best hotels where you want to spend your days and nights because many travel agencies may be fraud to you regarding the distance of hotels near to Al-Haram and Al-Nabvi mosques.

You can get the help from the different websites which are available but the best web site for searching the Hotels in Makkah with accurate distance from Al-Haram Mosque is “ Hotels in Makkah” and same use for searching in Madinah with the name of “ Hotels in Madinah”.

You should know about Ihram, Tawaf, Sai, and Halq/Taqsir because these are basic parts of Umrah. You should learn about some important duas which are recited during the Umrah.


There are two types for Ihram:

Ihram for Man:

If you are a man then you will wear 2 unstitched sheets Ihram. One sheet will cover your upper body and the second sheet cover your lower body. Your Ihram’s colour will be white.

Ihram for Woman:

If you are a woman then you will wear a normal dress with an Abbaya. You can’t wear a thin dress. Most of the women wear black colour Abbaya.

Some rules before wearing the Ihram:

1- Cut the nails, remove unwanted body hairs.

2- Take a bath (Ghusal).

3- A man cannot cover his head by any cap, turban.

4- A woman cannot cover her face and hands by any mask and gloves.

5- Sexual activity are prohibited.

6- Not use perfume.

7-No hunting animals.

After the Ihram, if you are a man then you recite the Talbiyah loudly but it does not allow for a woman to recite Talbiyah loudly. She recites it in low voice.

Best Travel Agencies guides you when you arrive at airports of Jeddah or Madina. If you take the transportation from Jeddah to Makkah in your Umrah Packages 2019 then Agency will provide you with a special car. But if you do not take the transportation then you have two choices there. One is Taxi and second is Train.

If you take a taxi then you can pay a high price. There is one suggestion for you that is Uber. If you use the Uber service then you will not need any negotiation, in term of fare. Uber is the best online company, which provides different transports on your demand with low price.

You may face some difficulties to perform Umrah there because this is one place in the world where is a great rush of people. Every person wants to near himself/herself the Kaaba during the Tawaf but it may not be easy for everyone there.

You should spend most of the time in making supplication as it possible for you because our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) stated: “Pray (Dua) is the essence of any worship”.

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