Useful Tips for Performing Umrah with Children

Pilgrim has prepared an article on Umrah tips for performing umrah with children.

Millions of Muslims can perform Umrah at any time of the year except the days of Hajj. There is no restriction to perform Umrah multi times in one year. Umrah is not compulsory for Muslims while Hajj is only compulsory for those Muslims who have the capability to perform it.

Sometimes people ask what can they perform Umrah with kids? The answer is yes. The right age of performing Umrah is started after the age of pubescence.

If anyone wants to perform the Umrah with kid (under the 7 year’s old) then the parents of kids should keep some precautions in minds. Guardian of the kid should keep himself away from all things which are forbidden in the state of Ihram.

muslim parents taking their kids to umrah

Guardian of the kid can perform both rituals of Umrah with carrying his/her kid as Tawaf and Saee. There is no need to complete these rituals two times, 1st time on the Guardian’s behalf and 2nd time on the kid’s behalf. Rather one-time performing is enough on behalf of both (Guardian & kid).

Guardian should shave the head of his/her child but if he is afraid that the child may be affected by cold then it is better to cut the hair of the kid.

According to one Hadith, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) offered supplication 3 times for those who shaved their heads and one of those who cut their hair. (Muslims; 1303)

What should we pack for Umrah with a child? – Checklist

We should plan to pack some important things which will be proved useful during the Umrah Journey so that you may easily perform the Umrah with kid or kids.

Bring along a child carrier:

You should bring with yourself a stroller because you can wait at the airports due to transit at the airport of Jeddah and Madina and you may feel so tired at that time. If your child’s age is less than 2 years and is up to 36 months then you should select the sling instead of the stroller.

Get some thick and long-sleeved clothes for your child:

The atmosphere of an airplane may be extremely cold. In the cold atmosphere, your baby can sick during this journey. You should use the double layer clothes, thick clothes, and sleeved clothes to warm his/her child.

Bring sunblock/moisturizer

If you are making a plan to perform Umrah in summer season then you should not go out with your baby during Zuhur time (noon time). You should bring a lightweight umbrella so that you can keep yourself and your kid safe from the rays of the Sun.

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