What is the Talbiyah?

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The Talbiyah (Arabic: تلبية) is a devotional prayer uttered by pilgrims during Hajj or Umrah after making the intention to enter into the state of Ihram. It is recited frequently throughout the pilgrimage. At Your service, Allah, at Your service. At Your service, You have no partner, at Your service. Truly all praise, favour and sovereignty is Yours. You have no partner. Men should raise their voices when reciting the Talbiyah while women should recite it softly.

In this video we explore the famous statement made by Pilgrims, the talbiyah, with Shaykh Ashiqur Rahman. Shaykh Kazi Ashiqur Rahman is a graduate of the prestigious Al-Azhar University from the Faculty of Islamic Studies & Arabic Language, and lead Imam at Darul Ummah Masjid in London.

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