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Stories from the lives of the Messengers of Allah (PBUH) are always an excellent way for you to be reminded to become a better person in today’s world. Read on to understand and learn about the life and wisdom of Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) Was Born

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was born to the famous idol sculptor Azar ibn Nahur and Maria in the ancient city of Ur, Chaldea (known today as Babylon, Iraq). Being brought up in a house of idolaters, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) grew up watching his father sculpting idols from materials such as wood and stone. In short, during the years of birth of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), people either worshipped the idols made of wood and stone or the planets, moon, sun, and stars. However, miraculously at a very early age, Allah SWT blessed Prophet Ibrahim (AS) with wisdom and spiritual understanding. This made him question everything that he saw, and regardless of how much his father tried explaining to the holy child their faith, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) never felt content and satisfied deep down in his heart.  

The Great Sacrifice

According to Islamic history, one night, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) experienced a dream in which Allah SWT asked him to sacrifice his beloved son, Prophet Ismail (AS). Initially, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) took it as the devil’s trick on him and immediately dismissed it. However, when the same dream occurred for three consecutive nights, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) acknowledged it as a divine message from the creator, Allah SWT.

Despite his love for his only son, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) intended to go through with the sacrifice. He took his child Prophet Ismail (AS) along with a knife and a rope to the top of Mount Arafat. Upon reaching the spot, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) told his son about the dream and the command of Allah SWT. The obedient son immediately obliged and asked Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to blindfold himself so that he doesn’t have to suffer. Prophet Ismail (AS) also requested his father to tie his legs and hands so he may not struggle. 

Therefore, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) did as his son had said. He tied the legs and hands of Prophet Ismail (AS) and blindfolded himself. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) then took the knife and fulfilled the wish of Allah SWT. But to his surprise, when he took off the blindfold, he saw the body of a white horned ram in front of him, whereas Prophet Ismail (AS) stood beside him, completely unharmed. However, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) thought he had failed the trial, but then he heard a voice that told him that he doesn’t need to worry and Allah SWT always looks after his followers. This strengthened his faith. 

What Was He Known for in Islam?

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is known for his strong faith, humble nature, devotion, and dedication to Allah SWT. Throughout his lifetime, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) has been tested several times. At the age of 75, he was commanded to leave his home with the promise of protection and land. During the journey to the designated land, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) went through several trials, out of which the most famous is the Holy Sacrifice of his son Prophet Ismail (AS). 

Another test was when Allah commanded Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to leave his infant son Prophet Ismail (AS) and wife Hajar in between the mountains of Safah and Marwa in Mecca. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) fulfilled this command and returned to Palestine. For survival in the deserted valley, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) had only given his son and wife a little water and a bag of dates. The sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and the struggle of his son and wife led to the miracle of the well of Zamzam sprouting from the dry and barren land. 

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and his son Prophet Ismail (AS) dedicated their lives to spread the word of Allah SWT. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Prophet Ismail (AS) were also partners in the construction the Holy Ka’bah standing on the sacred stone, which still has imprints of his feet. Today, the stone is placed inside the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia, and the spot is called Maqam Ibrahim. Therefore, because of his consistent devotion to Allah SWT, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was given the title of “Khaleelullah” (Friend of Allah) in Islam. 

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) Childhood

As stated earlier, since a young age, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) used to question his father about idolatry. Despite the oppositions of the young Prophet Ibrahim (AS), his father would still send him to sell idols (Gods), such that one day, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) called out to the passersby and asked them, “Who will buy my idols? They will not hurt you, nor will they help you.” He would then mock the idols by forcing them to drink water to prove to the people that there’s no point in worshipping the Gods that cannot even defend themselves. On listening to this, Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) father scolded his son and asked him to leave the house. 

In short, even after being born in a house of idol worshippers, Ibrahim (AS) keenly searched for the true light and the real God throughout his childhood. One day, Allah SWT granted him the blessing of becoming the Messenger and Prophet of the Almighty.

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) Family Tree

According to Islamic history, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is known as the patriarch of Arab because of his firstborn Prophet Ismail (AS) to his beloved wife, Lady Hajar. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is also known as the patriarch of Israel because of his son Prophet Ishaaq (AS) to Lady Sarah.

Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) son, Prophet Ishaaq (AS) is the ancestor of Banu Israel, meaning Israel’s house. However, Prophet Ismail (AS) is the ancestor of Arab; that is Ummah (Muslims) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

How Long Was Prophet Ibrahim Alive For?

There are different narrations by Islamic Scholars regarding the age of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). Some say that he lived for 195 years, and some say it was 175 years. According to a renowned group of Islamic scholars, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) lived on earth for 169 years. In short, it can be concluded that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) lived on earth for more than 150 years.

Who Was Prophet Ibrahim’s (AS) Wife?

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is considered the father of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. This is because he was married to two women from distinct backgrounds. Lady Hajar, the first wife of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), was an Egyptian slave who lived in Mecca. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) left his wife and his son Prophet Ismail (AS) in Mecca following the command of Allah SWT. Lady Hajar, in search of water for her infant son, ran in between the mountains of Safah and Marwa when Angel Jibrael (AS) appeared. 

Angel Jibrael (AS) struck his foot on the ground, resulting in water bursting out. The eruption was such that Lady Hajar shouted “Zamzam,” which means stop. Since then, the well of the purest water in the world is called Zamzam. However, by the time Prophet Ibrahim (AS) returned to Mecca, Lady Hajar had passed away.

The second wife of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was his half-sister Lady Sarah who belonged to Hebron, Israel. She was the mother of his son Prophet Ishaaq (AS), and lived a pious life by the side of Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

Did Prophet Ibrahim Have Any Children?

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) had two sons; Prophet Ismail (AS) and Prophet Ishaaq (AS). Read on to know more about the lives of the sons of Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

Ismail (AS)

Born to Lady Hajar, Prophet Ismail (AS) is the eldest son of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). He is also considered the ancestor of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). From an early age, Prophet Ismail (AS) walked in his father’s footsteps and was a devoted believer of Allah SWT. Moreover, the name of Prophet Ismail (AS) is mentioned twelve times in the Holy Quran. 

When he was an infant, the gift of Zamzam was given to satisfy his thirst. Prophet Ismail (AS) also willingly agreed to be sacrificed in the name of Allah SWT. Even today, Muslims from all over the world commemorate the sacrifice (Qurbani) of Prophet Ismail (AS) and Prophet Ibrahim (AS) in the month of Dhul Hajj. According to Quranic verse (Surah), Prophet Ismail (AS) played a significant role by helping his father build the Holy Ka’bah. 

Ishaaq (AS)

Born to Lady Sarah and Prophet Ibrahim (AS) in old age, Prophet Ishaaq (AS) continued his father’s spiritual legacy in the land of Israel. Quran mentions Prophet Ishaaq (AS) in fifteen passages. 

The Great Fire

After being appointed the Messenger of Allah SWT, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) made it his life’s mission to spread the word of God. Therefore, on the eve of a grand celebration, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) snuck into the grant temple while everyone else was busy with the big feast. He demolished all the small idols, and placed an ax on the neck of the biggest idol. 

When the people returned to the temple, they were horrified to see the remains of their idols (gods). The people quickly remembered that Prophet Ibrahim (AS) had been encouraging them to worship the One and Only God, Allah SWT. And so, they called him to ask, “Are you the one who has done this?” 

On which Prophet Ibrahim (AS) replied, “No! The biggest statue has done it. Ask him about it.” The people on hearing this replied, “You know they cannot speak.”

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) then said aloud, “Then how can you worship the things that cannot speak for themselves? They cannot even protect themselves.”

Who Threw Prophet Ibrahim (AS) into the Fire?

The people wanted Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to be burnt alive. Therefore, Nimrod, the king of Babylon, commanded his men to throw Prophet Ibrahim (AS) in a huge pit of burning fire. As soon as the fire was ready, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was tied by chains and thrown into the burning flames. That’s when he prayed for the blessing of Allah SWT. 

And so, on the orders of Allah SWT, the fire miraculously cooled down, and Prophet Ibrahim (AS) walked out, unharmed.

Verses of Prophet Ibrahim in the Quran

The name of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is mentioned in 63 verses for a total of 69 times in the Holy Quran. Some of the verses are as follows:

“And [mention, O Muhammad], when Abraham was tried by his Lord with commands, and he fulfilled them. [Allah] said, “Indeed, I will make you a leader for the people.” [Abraham] said, “And of my descendants?” [Allah] said, “My covenant does not include the wrongdoers.” (2:125)

“Indeed, Abraham was a [comprehensive] leader, devoutly obedient to Allah, inclining toward truth, and he was not of those who associate others with Allah.” (16:123)

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) – Summary

Muslims from around the world perform the Islamic rituals of Hajj, prayer, fasting, and zakat every year in the name of Allah SWT. But did you know that it all began with one of God’s greatest creations; the “Father of Prophets” and our father, Prophet Ibrahim (AS)? He is an exemplar for mankind because, despite the severity of the challenges and trials he faced, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) remained steadfast and kept his promises by fulfilling the commands of Allah SWT. And so, due to his unflinching faith and sincere submission, Prophet Ibrahim (AS) is also known as “The Friend of Allah.”

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